Welcome to Engineering Laboratory Design, Inc.

We are a recognized industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom and standard fluid dynamics equipment, including:

  • Wind tunnels
  • Water tunnels
  • Hydraulic demonstration and sediment channels
  • AMCA/ASHRAE fan test apparatus


We supply turnkey equipment installations and complete client support to the following global markets:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Manufacturing


Our technical support program includes:

  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Equipment de-installation, moves, re-installation and testing
  • Consulting on current and new equipment and technology


Clients rely on us for:

  • Five decades of experience supplying educational and research engineering laboratory apparatus.
  • The highest quality research equipment and technology.
  • A detailed and responsive approach to fulfilling customer requirements.
  • Cost-effective solutions delivered on a timely basis.
  • Extensive in house manufacturing capabilities and broad experience in composite lamination.
  • Complete customer service and support -- we are still providing service assistance to customers who purchased equipment in our first year of operation.