Model 504 45cm


TEST SECTION 45cm x 45cm x 250cm
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 7.36m x 174.5cm x 1206.0cm
WEIGHT 6550 kg full

Additional Options

There are many ways to customize this equipment. Here is a typical set of options.


Model No.

Detailed Description

Stainless Steel Pump Impeller


The impeller used in the axial flow pump will be fabricated from 15-5 P.H. stainless steel.  This is strongly suggested if the system will be exposed to a fluid with high salinity content for extended periods of time.

Nylon Coating for Impellor and Pump Housing


A 10-14 mil coating of Nylon-12 material will be applied to the stainless steel pump impellor and the wetted surfaces of the pump housing.  Application of material will reduce effects of water/saltwater on components.  This will eliminate galvanic reactions between dissimilar metals exposed to the process fluid.

Increase Maximum Operating Speed to 2.0m/s


Flow velocity in the test section will be continuously variable from 2.0 m/s (6.56 fps) down to approximately 0.1 m/s (0.33 fps).  The pump will be belt driven by a 25HP AC Motor.  A 25HP variable frequency controller will be provided to regulate the pump shaft RPM.  The system will be arranged to operate from either 208-230VAC/3f/60Hz/90Amp or 440-460VAC/3f/60Hz/45Amp electrical service.

Alternate Test Section Construction


45.0 cm high x 45.0cm wide x 2.25m long working section.  Test Section ceiling, floor and sidewalls will be fabricated from tempered glass with acrylic flanges.  Ceiling, floor and sidewall will be removable and sealed with O-ring gaskets.  Anodized aluminum structure to support sidewall and ceiling/floor panels.  Clear viewing area of 45cm high x 191cm long on sidewalls and 41cm wide x 208.6cm long on ceiling/floor.  Removable panels are centered on test section length.

Working Platform


The height of the test section centerline above the floor provides convenient viewing from the front, bottom and downstream areas.  A 1.5m (59.05”) by 1.0m (39.37”) working platform with a height of 0.6m can be provided to allow for easier access through the test section ceiling.  The platform will be fabricated from high quality plywood laminated with a non-skid working surface.  Structural steel tubing joined by welding will support the platform.  The frame is etched, prime coated and spray finished with acrylic enamel.  Each frame leg is fitted with an adjustable leveling pad.  The platform is provided with locking, swivel casters for easy mobility.

Flow Rate Measuring, Magflow Meter


A Rosemount Inc. Model 8705 Magnetic Flowmeter Flowtube will be incorporated into the supply piping to provide a means of accurately measuring the system volume flowrate over the entire flow range. The flow tube will not induce any additional pressure loss to the system. The Model 8705 will be used with a Model 8712C (accuracy: +0.5% of reading for test section flows greater than 0.036 fps) or Magnetic Flow Transmitter. The transmitter will be provided with a local LED readout of the flowrate as well as the option of monitoring the flow rate remotely via a 4-20mA signal. 

Basic Dye Inject System


Modifications to the standard water tunnel test section necessary of the incorporation of sidewall inserted models.  Gravity fed dye injection system with six (6) 2.0” DIA x 6.0” high cylindrical dye wells.  Flow rate is controlled with in-line needle valves.  Miniature socket quick-disconnects are mounted at the downstream end of the test section.  Changing two-dimensions models will require that the water level in the tunnel be drained below the port opening and then refilled after a plug is secured in the sidewall aperture.  Model changing system consisting of acrylic headwalls with inflatable seals, submersible sump pump for draining volume between headwalls, and a vessel for containing the drained water temporarily.

Reservoir System


Fiberglass reservoir with a 6.8m3 (~1,800 gallon) capacity.  A single pump will be used in combination with electrically actuated, 3 way ball valves and piping network with be used to assist in transferring fluid from the channel to the reservoir and from the reservoir back into the channel.  The reservoir will be provided with a gasketed, removable cover.  The reservoir/piping network will be designed to fit within the available space indicated in the laboratory.  Reservoir has an approximate footprint of 2.75m x 1.4m.